Girija Gautam is the founder and president of the firm. His law practice is mainly focused on immigration and nationality law. He provides representation in employment, investment and family based immigration matters. He also represents clients in naturalization and in the matters before the Immigration Court and Federal Courts. Mr. Gautam represents corporate and individual clients on H-1, L-1, and PERM Labor certification. He also provides representation to the physicians, hospitals or health institutions on H-1B, J-1, national interest waiver for J-1 physicians, and PERM processing for physicians either starting residency, fellowship or in attending position. Mr. Gautam also represents artists, entertainers and athletes with extraordinary ability, multi-national managers, outstanding teachers and researchers and EB-5 investors. He also provides representation in family based immigration.

Mr. Gautam completed his Master of Laws (LL.M) from Columbia Law School in the city of New York. Prior to that, he completed his law degree from Nepal Law Campus, in Kathmandu, Nepal. Following completion of his law degree from Nepal, he obtained his Master in Comparative Law (M.C.L) from Delhi University, Delhi, India. He topped the class of M.C.L. and received gold medal in Delhi University. Besides being a good professional, Mr. Gautam is also a good community volunteer. He participates and takes interest in important community matters and contributes on a regular basis. He enjoys helping people and actively participates in the activities of several community based not-for-profit organizations. Mr. Gautam portrays a good committed professional, who takes each and every client seriously. He reflects on your case, devises appropriate strategy and creatively pursues them to zealously represent your interest, and to achieve your desired goal.