The immigrant investor visa program enables immigrant entrepreneurs to obtain permanent resident status in the United States through investment in a commercial enterprise. Ealier, in this category, the interested immigrant had to invest $ 1million to become eligible. This immigration benefit however could also be secured by investing $500,000 in a targeted employment areas. U.S. Congress enacted this provision in 1990 to support and promote commercial enterprises in rural area with high unemployment rate. The underlying idea was to help the rural economy by channelling resources for economic growth and create jobs and extend immigration benefit to the interested foreign nationals willing to invest in such areas.

In 2009 China, South Korea, Great Britain, Taiwan and Japan were the top 5 countries for EB-5 visas. Now, Iran and India are trailing in this category. But this option is available to any interested entrepreneur anywhere who is capable to invest in such targeted employment areas.  This investor visa program provides excellent opportunity to high net worth individuals. Even if such high networth parents themselves are not intersted to immigrate to the United States, this category may serve as a gateway for their children to study, live and immigrate to the US. Through this category potential investors can immigrate to the US and/or facilitate permanent resident status for the whole family or for their children. Even in cases where a 21 year or older child is involved, the parents may provide required fund ($500,000) for capital investment and the child can file a petition as the principal entrepreneur. In this category, contrary to the other investment track, the alien entrepreneur does not need to take an active role in the project.

Applying for immigration in this category calls for careful evaluation and analysis of various factors such as identifying the appropriate designated regional center which has been approved by the government for purposes of EB-5 investor visa program. The alien entrepreneur should also understand business prospects and get familiar with the pros and cons of investment to make a fully informed investment decision and should consider other investment options which may also be avialable. 

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