Medical Professionals


Foreign Medical Graduates (FMGs) aspiring career in the field of medicine in the US apply for Residency or Clinical Fellowship after meeting USMLE test reuirement. Besides trailing the intended career road map, FMGs have to manage different sets of immigration issues right from their arrival into the United States. The immigration concerns might relate to a variety of  issues, which may include but not limited to ; staying in status (while applying for residency or fellowship),  changing status to H-1 or J-1 (to start residency or fellowship), seeking J-1 waiver and secure permanent residence in the United States

All along, it is critical to have proper counsel to make the right decision and following it through to ensure smooth and successful immigration. Any over sight, inappropriate decision or inefficient follow-up might otherwise jeopardize the prospects of a satisfying career as a physician. 

Whatever the stage of your career you might be in, please feel free to contact our office for legal consultation. 

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Depending on the medical institution,  FMG may start residency and/or clinical fellowship on J-1 or H-1 visa. Availability of these options will depend on the policy of the particular health institution and also on whether you secure residency through a pre-match offer or under matching program.

If you are on H-1 visa, you need to transfer your H-1 visa when you join another institution to start fellowship or join in attending position. You can then start PERM Labor Certification process to obtain permanent residence.

If you are on J-1 visa, limited waiver options may be available. 

We are fully committed to take care of all your immigration concerns so that you can focus on your career.